Bloom by Ryan Lewis was founded in 2018, bringing together my two passions for Horticulture and Floristry.  Having trained in both disciplines, I bring a depth of knowledge in to my work and a unique perspective and approach to design. 


Based from the farm, my studio consists of a large workspace and classroom surrounded by the flower field. The studio itself is new for 2021 and is the perfect space from which to create all of my designs and teach workshops throughout the year.  Our full range of services includes blooms for weddings, funerals, events, gift bouquets and posies, and workshops.


My personal style draws upon many influences and is largely romantic, full of texture and is inspired by the nature that surrounds me.  My work tends to be seasonal, utilising the blooms grown on the farm, and I avoid the use of floral foam, opting for foam free mechanics for my design work.  Although every event is different, I feel that my personal style lends itself well to most briefs and I love to work collaboratively with customers when creating designs.




Every bloom we produce is unique and as such so are our designs. When it comes to planning your wedding or event the approach remains the same – you lead the way and we work with your desires and personality.  Of course, we supply our specialist knowledge, creativity and seasonal blooms but we always ensure our approach is tailored and collaborative.  


We use as many of our home grown blooms as possible in all of our arrangements, using imported blooms out of season, and we pride ourselves on producing the freshest blooms that are well conditioned, meaning that flowers are often picked at their peak just before your event and that they last as long as possible when they finally get to you.

Freshness also matters when it come to our approach to floristry - using fresh ideas, concepts, and themes.  It also ensures that we are constantly forward thinking, pushing the boundaries and evolve continually.


Our wedding and event customers are invited down to the farm for an onsite consultation where we can browse the available and upcoming blooms prior to the event (weather permitting) and for those who like to plan ahead we can even grow your blooms of choice in advance, making your special event even more individual and bespoke.


We also care.  We care not only about the impact of our product on nature and the pristine countryside in which we grow but we also care about how our products impact you and how our practices can benefit the industry itself.  As a result we follow the following principles: 


  • We don’t use harmful chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides 

  • We compost all of the waste from our flower farm which in turn provides us with beautiful compost which we return to the earth each year when mulching our beds, sowing seeds or potting on plants. 

  • We grow using a no dig principles meaning our impact on soil life is reduced.

  • We use our own manure from the farm as fertiliser – we have an almost endless resource with our horses, chickens and sheep.

  • We do not use virgin plastic where physically possible in our packaging and only use compostable or reusable materials to decorate your bouquets

  • We avoid the use of floral foam in our designs

  • We grow with the seasons – this also means our flowers change and evolve throughout the year

  • We commit to planting new hedging and nature corridors across our farm 

  • We support other local growers and companies when buying in flowers, foliage and other products