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With a full website revamp, new studio build and the new online shop I thought now would be a good time to introduce myself to those of you I haven’t met already and to any new social media followers and prospective customers.

As my company name suggests, my name is Ryan and I specialise in sustainable Wedding and Event Floristry. I operate nationwide, depending on where my customer’s are located, although the majority of my work is based in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire as I’m located on the borders of these counties.

As well as being a florist, I also operate as the flower grower – producing most of the blooms and foliage I use right here on my farm in Blackbrook. For many years I studied with the RHS to gain a firm knowledge of horticulture to supply me with the skills I require to grow commercially and this has led me to not only growing flowers for events but also for RHS Gold medal winning gardens! My passion then translated in to arranging the plants and flowers that I grew and I later trained in floristry via my local college as well as gaining on the job experience with leading event florists, gaining invaluable experience.

My combined training means that my customers benefit from my knowledge and understanding of the industry and the freshest flowers that aren’t typically available through your average high street florist. It also means that I can grow blooms specifically for weddings and events by request, adding a truly bespoke and personal touch.

Prior to working in floristry, my professional career was in Psychology and Counseling, primarily working within the prison service, NHS and charity sectors; later moving in to HR, working within agencies, one of the UKs leading commercial companies and the largest Domiciliary Health Care providers. This may seem like a strange transition but this means that I’ve honed my skills in listening, observation, projects and management and this pays dividends when working with my clients during consultations and beyond. It also helps to ensure that when it comes to creating your event no detail is missed and no stone is left unturned. Each event is individual and by getting to know my customers I always strive to add meaningful touches to the flowers I provide, be that via flower choices that have meaning, scents that illicit fond memories or themes and other touches that are held dear to those I’m working with, making the weddings and events I put together entirely bespoke.

For the eco-conscious among you, you will also be relieved to hear that my business has the environment right at its heart – we don’t use single use plastics, floral foam or artificial pesticides or herbicides. We choose to work with nature, grow to organic principles and leave virtually no impact on the world we live in as my blooms aren’t imported or coated with nasty chemicals.

So that’s me and my business in a nut-shell! You can read more about my business here on the website pages where you can also find a fulllist of all the services on offer.

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