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Wreath Care: How to get the best from your BLOOM Christmas wreath

Our BLOOM wreaths are created in such a way that they require little care when they get to you meaning you can enjoy hanging them on your door but I thought I’d share some tips to ensure your wreath stays at its best throughout the festive period.
There are two main factors that we look at when designing our wreaths - foliage and water source. We select all of our foliage and decorations to ensure you get the longest life possible from your wreath.  The foliage’s we use will either be pretty indestructible and stay looking fresh with care or they will dry nicely on the wreath after a period of time, this is largely the case for Eucalyptus. In terms of a water source for stems, that’s where the natural moss base comes in to play. Moss traps water and as such allows the stems to utilise this water and stay hydrated. To keep your wreath in tip-top condition I always advise that where possible you water the wreath base on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure it stays moist. The easiest way to do this is to place your wreath (moss side down) on a lawn overnight to collect the dew or absorb rain water. Failing this, you can lay your wreath (moss side down) in a shallow tray or bath in about an inch or two of water. You’ll notice the difference after watering as your wreath will become quite heavy. If you notice your wreath base is still wet and heavy when you come to water the next week simply skip a weeks watering.  Some people also suggest spraying a wreath with water but if you have dried fruit, ribbons, etc on your wreath this can actually cause them to go mouldy or look unsightly. It’s that simple! I hope you enjoy your BLOOM wreaths and here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas!
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